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  • Tyvek® Supro & Supro Plus

    water resistant membrane


    Protect Your Investment With a Water Resistant Membrane Tyvek® Supro is a durable, water resistant membrane that is reinforced with a laminated polypropylene nonwoven. This airtight, vapour-permeable membrane is extremely water-resistant, and can be used for all supported and unsupported pitched roofs. Tyvek® Supro does not need any soffit, tile or ridge ventilation, which can save time and money in the construction process. In addition to warm, hybrid and cold roofs, applications include Scottish sarking board systems, low-pitched metal roofs, and wall and floor applications....

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    CE Compliant Membranes
    High Quality Functional Layer
    The secret of Tyvek® breathable membranes lies in their unique structure. The highly durable functional layer is six to eight times thicker than most multi-layer roofing felts, and consists of heat- and UV stabilised polyethylene (PE) for reliable, long-term performance and UV/heat resistance – something competitor products cannot always guarantee.

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