Bond It Multi-Mate Multi-Purpose Silicone

Bond It Multi-Mate Multi-Purpose Silicone


A multi-purpose, high modulus, acetoxy (HMA) silicone rubber sealant which contains fungicide. Suitable for most sealing jobs around the home both inside and out. Permanently flexible and skins in minutes.

Conforms to EN15651-1, 3; F EXT-INT, S1.

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    Tooling Time:
    5-10 minutes
    Tack Free Time:
    Less than 30 minutes
    Cure Time:
    3-6 mm per day
    Application Temperature:
    +5 to + 30°C
    Service Temperature:
    -40 to + 100°C
    Movement Accommodation:
    Good to glass, painted surfaces and most common building materials
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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