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  • Tarkett Veneto xf²™ Bfl 2.5 mm



    Homogenous linoleum floorcovering made by one single layer calendared on jute backing. It has Bfl fire rating with no added flame retardant. Bfl with its natural ingredients, is ideal for escaping areas. It is offered in 10 Veneto colours. Check out the full colour range >>

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    Veneto xf²™ Bfl 2.5 mm
    10 Years Guarantee
    Now, Tarkett is introducing xf™2 - its second generation surface treatment - increasing resistance for even longer durability and reducing maintenance for a highly cost-effective flooring. Micro-reinforced polyurethane UV treatment that seals and hardens the surface to make it more resistant to dirt and daily wear and tear. A smooth matt appearance that prevents accumulation of dirt or stains. No need for polish, stripping and polymer waxing over the lifetime of the surface.

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