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  • Kemperol® Reinforcement Fleece

    KEMPEROL Fleece is a non-woven, needle-punched fabric reinforcement


    Kemperol® Fleece improves strength tear and puncture resistance while maintaining membrane uniformity. Kemperol® Fleece is used with Kemperol® cold liquid-applied waterproofing system.

    What the experts have to say

    Kemperol® Fleece
    Always store in cool and dry location. Store flat to avoid deforming rolls and creasing fabric.
  • Kempertec® Primer



    Kempertec Primer is a quick-curing, high bonding polymethyl methacrylate (pmma) primer used between acceptable prepared substrates and Kemperol cold liquid-applied reinforced membrane and coating systems. Kempertec Primer is used to prime a variety of substrates. Available in Kempertec Primer AC and Kempertec Primer D.

    What the experts have to say

    KEMPERTEC® Primer
    KEMPERTEC® AC Primer is a 2-part, cold liquid-applied Polymethyl Methacrylate resin consisting of Component A (resin), and Component B (catalyst powder). KEMPERTEC® D Primer is a solvent free, high solids, 2-part, cold-applied liquid polyurethane primer.

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