Residential Green Roof Project – The Paddocks, Newbridge

Co. Kildare, 2021

Project Facts

Main Contractor: Montane Developments

Roofing Contractor: Titan Roofing

Featured Products

Pluvitec MAXITEC Anti-Root Membrane – A pre-fabricated membrane designed for use on structures where vegetation is foreseen to prevent penetration by roots.

Lindab SRP25 – Metal Roofing System – 0.6mm Steel Snap Lock System.

Renolit ALKORPLAN PVC – A mechanically fixed single Ply PVC membrane.

Project Overview

‘The Paddocks’ is an impressive residential development in Newbridge, Co. Kildare, consisting of both houses and apartment blocks, and developed by main contractor, Montane Developments.

This project focused on the residential green roof of the apartment blocks, comprised of over 250 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments, and is being completed by the expert roofing contractors, Titan Roofing. Currently there are 3 blocks completed with work still ongoing on the remainder.

‘The Paddocks’ apartments residential roof project features Pluvitec Maxitec, the perfect anti-root solution for a Green Roof along with a sedum green roof area and stone perimeter. The cladding on the penthouses of each apartment block feature our Lindab SRP25 steel snap-lock system providing a clean, modern finish. Finally, Renolit ALKORPLAN PVC membrane is featured on the lower flat roof surfaces (e.g. bicycle and rubbish bin sheds).

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