Renolit Alkorplan Residential Roof Project – Co. Cork

Castletownbere, Co. Cork, 2022

Project Facts

Builder: Castletownbere Construction Ltd.

Architect: Daly, Barry & Associates

Roofing Contractor: Robert Carroll Roofing

Featured Products

Xtratherm FR ALU Insulation – A high performance flat roof insulation board with vapour-tight aluminium foil facings suitable for use with single ply membranes.

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN F – 1.5mm Reinforced PVC Membrane Mechanically Fixed.

RENOLIT ALKOR PROFILE L – Aesthetic appearance of a metal standing seam with the benefits of a pliable synthetic roof.

Project Overview

Overlooking the water in the Castletownbere area of Co. Cork, this eye-catching residential property features our single-ply PVC-based RENOLIT ALKORPLAN F membrane in the popular charcoal finish.

The membrane in this ALKORPLAN residential roof is mechanically fixed and complete with a stunning ALKOR PROFILE standing seam detail that adds to the unique aesthetic of the property. The roofing membrane is fastened to the substrate along the longitudinal edges by means of pressure plates and screws.

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN F combined with the ALKOR PROFILE proved to be the best option available due to its flexibility, long service life, excellent vapour permeability and its visual qualities.

Beneath the membrane, Xtratherm FR ALU Insulation is fixed to a plywood deck. This flat roof insulation board is suitable for use with single ply membranes such as RENOLIT ALKORPLAN.

The work on this ALKORPLAN residential roof was completed by contractor Robert Carroll Roofing with the main building work carried out by Castletownbere Construction Ltd.

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