Domestic Roofing Project – Alkorplan & Alkormetal

Co. Wexford, 2021

Project Facts

Roofing Contractor: Ed Sullivan

Featured Products

Renolit Alkorplan F – Mechanically Fixed Single Ply PVC Membrane

Project Overview

This professional remote home roofing project features our single-ply PVC-based Alkorplan in a sleek charcoal finish mechanically fixed with a stunning Alkor metal & Alkor profile standing seam detail.

This project stands out as a remote home that is sure to catch the attention of bystanders.

Alkorplan is perfectly suited for lightweight, metal deck structures for large industrial buildings, homes, warehouses, logistic centers, and more

The roofing membrane is fastened to the substrate along the longitudinal edges by means of pressure plates and screws.

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