Index Prominent Vapour Control Layer

Index Prominent Vapour Control Layer


Waterproofing vapour barrier membrane

Index Prominent is an elastoplastomeric distilled polymer-bitumen waterproofing vapour barrier membrane designed with an embossed upper face by index to resolve the problem of waterproofing where insulation panels must be bonded without using molten oxidised bitumen or cold adhesives or mechanical fastening.

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    What the experts have to say

    When you start warming-up the PROMINENT dimpled face, the flame of gas burner will be bluish. By keeping on torching in the same area, flame colour will turn from bluish into red/orange: this means that the PROMINENT surface is ready for application of the insulating boards.
    Mass per unit area:
    4 kg/m2
    Roll size:
    1.05×7.5 m
    Water tightness:
    60 kPa
    Shear resistance L/T:
    300/200 N/50 mm
    Maximum tensile force L/T:
    300/200 N/50 mm
    Elongation L/T:
    Resistance to tearing (nail shank) L/T:
    70/70 N
    Water vapour transmission after ageing:
    μ = 100 000
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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