Index Selftene Self-Adhesive Underlay

Index Selftene Self-Adhesive Underlay


No need for hot bitumen, flames or adhesives

INDEX SELFTENE is a self-adhesive polymer modified bituminous vapour barrier onto which the insulating panels can be glued by simple cold pressure without the need for hot bitumen, flames or adhesives.

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    What the experts have to say

    EN 13970

    Use SELFTENE in your fully adhered build up to avoid naked flames on site and speed up installation.

    • Saving on the cost of adhesive and the associated costs of transport and application

    • Reduction in the risk of fire and burns

    • Reduction in the fumes of hot bitumen and harmful emissions from the adhesives

    Mass per unit area:
    3 kg/m2
    Roll dimensions:
    1×10 m
    Water tightness:
    60 kPa
    Maximum lateral/end tensile force:
    450/300 N/50 mm
    Lateral/end tensile elongation:
    Dynamic puncture resistance:
    700 mm
    Lateral/end nail tear strength:
    150/150 N
    Permeability to water vapour after ageing:
    μ = 100 000
    Thermal conductivity:
    0.2 W/mK
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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