Stegu Classic Pointing Mortar

Stegu Classic Pointing Mortar


A masonry mortar with improved adhesion for making joints

It is perfect for pointing porous cement and gypsum STEGU cladding. It is also used as pointing mortar: clinker in masonry walls, facade clinker tiles, concrete tiles imitating brick, stone or sandstone as well as gypsum tiles fixed to any stable surface, and such difficult surfaces as chipboard, plastics or rustless metals. It can be applied internally and externally, and is available in White, Beige, Grey and Graphite colours.

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    • Internal and external use

    • Applicable to many surface types

    • Initial setting time of 24 hours

    • Resistant to weather conditions (freeze and waterproof)

    Mixing Time:
    Twice necessary - 2 x 1 min (Mix after curing for circa 3 min)
    Mixing Ratio:
    0.7 – 0.9 litres water per 7 kg
    Temperature at Completing Works:
    +5 to +20 degrees Celsius
    Time to Use Mixture:
    Up to 20 minutes
    Setting Time:
    Initial = 24 hours; Complete = 28 days
    2.5 m2 per container
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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