Stegu Multielastic Adhesive Mortar

Stegu Multielastic Adhesive Mortar


An Easy-to-Use Read-Made Dry Mix Forming Adhesive Mass When Mixed with Water

The MULTIELASTIC Adhesive Mortar is a ready-made dry mix of mineral and organic binders, mineral fillers and modifying additives that forms uniform adhesive mass when mixed with water. The mix quickly provides a strong bond and initial strength. After setting, the bond is water- and frost-resistant. MULTIELASTIC Adhesive Mortar is intended for bonding Stegu concrete tiles, wall and floor ceramic tiles in both indoor and outdoor settings. The product can be applied to many surfaces including regular concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete, cellular concrete, cement and cement-lime plasters, load-bearing lime plaster, gypsum plaster, gypsum-plaster boards and gypsum-fiber boards.

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    • Internal and external use

    • Applicable to many surface types

    • Water- and frost-resistant bond

    • Can be applied to many surfaces e.g. concrete, plaster, plaster board, fiber board

    Portland cement, polymer binder, mineral fillers, organic additives
    Dry Mix Bulk Density:
    1.36 kg/dm3
    Mixing Ratio:
    4 litres water per 15 kg of mortar
    Maximum Mortar Layer Thickness:
    Workability Time After Mixing:
    Up to 2 hours (at +20°C and 50% RH)
    Drying Time in Air:
    >20 minutes
    Time for Rework:
    10 minutes
    Pointing Delay:
    48 hours
    To 5 m2 per container
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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