Bond It Glass-Mate Mirror Adhesive

Bond It Glass-Mate Mirror Adhesive


A low modulus neutral cure (LMN) silicone for interior mirror fixing. Has excellent unprimed adhesion on most mirror coatings and has outstanding resistance to heat and humidity. Not affected by sunlight, ultra violet radiation and temperature extremes. This product will accommodate thermal expansion and is non-corrosive and odourless.

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    Skinning Time:
    Less than 30 minutes
    Full Cure:
    24-48 hours depending on conditions and bead depth
    Up to 450% at breaking point
    Application Temperature:
    +5 to + 30°C
    Service Temperature:
    -40 to + 120°C continuous exposure, higher temperatures can be withstood for limited periods
    Good to glass, concrete, ceramics, timber, ferrous metals and most building materials
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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