Shell Tixophalte Bituminous Sealant

Shell Tixophalte Bituminous Sealant


Shell Tixophalte has been used by construction industry professionals, tradesmen, builders and DIY enthusiasts for over 20 years. Formulated from carefully selected components based on rubber-modified bitumen, it is easy to apply and is designed to offer long-lasting protection and waterproofing. It is also formulated for high resistance to movement, weathering, chemicals and other environmental factors.

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    • Ready-to-use and easy to apply

    • Excellent direct adhesion, sticks directly to most wet surfaces and most building materials including concrete, metals, glass and most plastics

    • Applicable under water, ideal for damp and wet conditions during application and over its life-time

    • Protection against rust, damp and corrosion

    • Meets the ISO11600 standard which defines the physical properties of building sealants including anticipated movement

    • Long shelf life in aluminum cartridges (at least three years)

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