Bond It Flash-Mate Lead Sealant

Bond It Flash-Mate Lead Sealant


A fast skinning roofing sealant that reduces weather ingression, tile lift and noise. Tough, resilient and compatible with lead. Conforms to EN15651-1;F INT. Flash-Mate Lead Sealant  can be used to bond glass and glazing plastics as well as small sections of roofing materials under repair. Ideally suited for sealing roof-lights, conservatives, soffits, glass house, industrial roofing systems, lead flashings and to prevent tile lifting and wind noise.

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    Solubility In Water:
    Tooling Time:
    5-10 minutes
    Skinning Time:
    15-25 minutes
    Rate Of Cure:
    2-3 mm per day
    Joint Movement Capability:
    25% by ISO methods
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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