PermaBase Screws

PermaBase Screws


Screws to Use with PermaBase® Cement Board

PermaBase® Screws are corrosion resistant screws specifically designed to be used with PermaBase Cement Boards. The are used to attach PermaBase Cement Board to wood or steel studs, plywood subfloors, ceilings and countertops.

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    • Self-drilling and self-tapping

    • Large diameter, low profile wafer-type head

    • Interior or exterior uses

    • No ribs under head, preventing reinforcing mesh damage

    Coating type:
    Zinc plated with chemical coating
    Thread / point(wood):
    8-16 / Hi-Lo
    Thread / point(metal):
    8-18 / Type S-12
    Head Diameter:
    0.45" (11,4mm)
    Salt Spray Resistance:
    1000 hrs
    Kesternich test:
    15 cycles
    Heat resistance:
    250°C, 7 hrs
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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