Liquid Rubber Joint Filler

Liquid Rubber Joint Filler


Liquid Rubber Joint Filler is specially developed to be applied with a caulking tube

Liquid Rubber Joint Filler is a cold applied, single component filler that is suitable for many different applications. The product technology of theLiquid Rubber Joint Filler offers a VOC free, strong, highly flexible (700%) product with an outstanding adhesion on many surfaces.

Liquid Rubber Joint Filler is fully environmentally friendly and can be used inside or outside without any extra body or inhalation protection. Liquid Rubber Joint Filler can be used for waterproofing and as an air barrier. The product adheres to almost every surface, for example concrete construction, wooden- and plastic window frames, roof constructions and many other surfaces.

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    • Waterproof and air barrier

    • Environmentally friendly and contains no VOC’s or other toxics

    • UV- and acid-resistant

    • Strong, seamless and fully adherent to the surface

    • Applicable on light wet surfaces

    • Effective for waterproofing

    • Sustainable

    • Resistant against large temperature fluctuations (-40 °C to +160 °C)

    Brown to black
    Specific gravity (liquid) g/cm3:
    Approx. 1.0
    Volatile Organic Compound:
    Contains no solvents
    Viscosity, Brookfield (sp. #5, 20 rpm):
    25.000 - 35.000
    PERFORMANCE DATA (Cured membrane):
    Specific gravity, g/cm3:
    Approx. 1.0
    Chemical resistance ASTM G 20:
    Resistant to most inorganic solutions. Not recommended for gasoline or other petroleum products. Consult Chemical Resistance chart for further information
    Water tightness after impact:
    Passed (no leakage)
    Water tightness CGSB 37-GP-56:
    Zero leakage
    Tensile strength ASTM 0412, psi:
    Elongation %:
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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