ProForm® Lite Blue LID

ProForm® Lite Blue LID


Lightweight Joint Compound

Success should never be a struggle. At National Gypsum, we develop products that are easy to use and perform to the highest standards. We created our ProForm® BRAND Lite Blue joint compound to help you get an easy, professional finish. So after you apply ProForm® BRAND Lite Blue and your final skim coat, you’ll have a smooth and consistent surface, ready for priming and painting.

ProForm® BRAND Lite-Blue Joint Compound is a vinyl base ready mix lightweight joint compound. Approximately 30% lighter than conventional ready mix, Lite-Blue Joint Compound pulls and sands easier, pocks less and reduces shrinkage by up to 33%.

Basic Uses
Lite-Blue is designed for use in finishing gypsum board joints, spotting fasteners and finishing cornerbead.

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    • Lightweight: approximately 30% lighter than conventional ProForm Joint Compound

    • Reduced shrinkage: up to 33% less shrinkage than conventional joint compound

    • Superior finish: provides a finish with less pocking and pin holing

    • Ready to use right from container after mixing

    • Easier pull: spreads easier for quick application

    • Finishes metal beads with two coats

    • Excellent sanding characteristics

    • Low VOC content - less than 2 grams/litre

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