PermaBase® Cement Board

PermaBase® Cement Board


Cement Board for Both Interior and Exterior Applications

PermaBase® brand Cement Board is a rigid substrate made of Portland cement, aggregate and glass mesh that provides an exceptionally hard, durable surface that is able to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture.

PermaBase offers a competitive advantage over similar products on the market with its patented EdgeTech® technology. The tapered, reinforced edge design allows for closer nail or screw application to the edge.

Double-wrapped edge with EdgeTech technology allows for closer fastener application of nails or screws at the edge without crumbling or spin out.
IRC and IBC 2006 Compliant – Meets ASTM C 1325. PermaBase resists the growth of mold and mildew achieving a panel score of 10, the highest score possible, per ASTM D 3273.
Homogeneous core has fewer voids and provides a very easy and clean score and snap.

Can be cut utilizing a standard utility knife and straightedge. With PermaBase’s unique core composition, little or no additional labor is needed to clean the edge after a cut.

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      • Non-Combustible -A1 rating- 1 and 2 hour fire rating depending on wall build up

      • Moisture resistant - will not be effected by water or moisture

      • Mould resistant - will not promote mould growth

      • Dimensionally stable - will not expand / contract

      • Increases Acoustic values

      • Impact resistant

      • Excellent tile backer board - can be tiled onto without primer

      • Can be used a render receiver board - basecoat / acrylic or sand and cement
        finishes / thin brick

      • Available in 6mm and 12mm

      • Easy to cut

      1/2" PermaBase :
      Thickness - Nominal:
      1/2" (12.7 mm)
      Weight - Nominal:
      2.9 lbs./sq. ft. (14.2 k/m2)
      Flexural Strength:
      ≥ 750 psi
      Compressive Strength:
      1,250 psi
      Wind Load (Studs 16" o.c.):
      40 psf
      Water Absorption (% of Weight):
      < 8%
      Linear Expansion with Change Moisture:
      ≤ 0.07%
      Full Information:
      Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!


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