Roof Seal Liquid Membrane – Best Hardware/DIY Product at Innovation Awards 2022 & FAQ’s


Roof Seal Liquid Membrane – Best Hardware/DIY Product 2022

Repairing an issue on a flat roof can be an expensive and timely process without the tools or knowledge to get the job done right. Unfortunately, this means many people will spend large sums of money hiring professional roofers or might suffer more extensive damage to their homes while awaiting the repairs. With so many products on the market, some better than others, it can be frustrating to find that the solution you’ve paid for hasn’t held up and the leak or damage to your roof has persisted.

At Laydex, we stock a range of Roof Seal products that can help you repair a flat roof quickly and efficiently. Roof Seal Liquid Membrane can be applied as a DIY solution or by a professional.

Awarded Best Hardware/DIY Product at The Innovation Awards – The Hardware Show 2022

We are proud to share that the Roof Seal Liquid Membrane was recently awarded the Best Hardware/DIY Product at The Hardware Show 2022. Run by Hardware Association Ireland at Citywest, the judging panel featured Irish award-winning architect Hugh Wallace.

The Roof Seal system is the next generation of hybrid roofing membranes and offers a modern alternative to traditional GRP, PU, silicone and bitumen roof coatings. Roof Seal is a perfect DIY solution to your flat roofing issues, with no specialist training required.

Roof Seal Liquid Membrane – FAQ’s

⬇️ Q. What is Roof Seal Liquid Membrane used for?

A. The Roof Seal Liquid Membrane system is the perfect solution for waterproofing and repairing damage to flat roofs, pitch roofs of angles less than 10°, flashing, guttering, corrugated or plate roofing, zinc, steel, fibre cement and façade panels.

The product creates an impermeable seal that will repel water damage and provide protection against degradation from natural weathering threats such as rain, snow and sunlight. Roof Seal Liquid Membrane is also suitable for zinc guttering, down pipes and ventilation ducts.

⬇️ Q. What colour finish is Roof Seal available in?

A. The Roof Seal Liquid Membrane is a great alternative to the other products currently available on the market. The one coat system and thin, 1mm layer application makes for invisible joints. The grey colour provides an aesthetically pleasing finish.

⬇️ Q. Do I need specialist training for applying Roof Seal Liquid Membrane?

A. Roof Seal is an easy to apply, one coat, non-flammable barrier that is formulated for professional roofing applications. It requires no specialist training to apply and is perfect for DIY roofing solutions, saving you time and money when it comes to your roof repair.

⬇️ Q. What is the drying time for Roof Seal?

A. Roof Seal can be applied cold without the need for heating or bonding under almost any weather condition. The product is rain safe within 15 minutes and is capable of resisting heavy rain 3 hours after application. The Roof Seal will be fully cured after 72 hours.

⬇️ Q. Can Roof Seal Liquid Membrane be applied to Any Surface?

A. The Roof Seal membrane is designed to adhere flawlessly to all common roof substrates, including metal, wood, brick, stone, polyester, glass, lead, tile, plastics, polycarbonate, and concrete. A primer is required to achieve best results with bitumen roof surfaces, and the product can be applied cold without the need for heating or bonding. Roof Seal is ideal for the repairing of flat roofs, or pitch roofs of angles less than 10°.

⬇️ Q. Does Roof Seal require multiple layers of application?

A. The clue’s in the name! The One Coat Roof Seal requires only one coat and is fully waterproof at just 1mm of thickness. The treatment is designed to be used on its own, however, for more demanding projects it can be used in conjunction with a primer, reinforcement mat and edge & trim sealer.

⬇️ Q. What is the life expectancy of Roof Seal Liquid Membrane?

A. The Roof Seal Liquid Membrane system is a high performance, watertight product that stays permanently flexible. It’s extremely durable and creates a barrier coating to last over 25 years on all existing roof substrates.

⬇️ Q. What other products are in the Roof Seal range?

A. At Laydex, we stock a whole range of Roof Seal products, including Roof Primer, Roof Reinforcing Mat, and Cracks and Edging Sealer. Check out our whole Roof Seal range for more information. For further help choosing the right Roof Seal Liquid Membrane product, contact our expert team at Laydex for support.

Tips for Applying Roof Seal Liquid Membrane

  1. Clean Your Deck & Fix Your Trims. You’ll need a primer if you have a bitumen roof.
  2. Fill in any cracks or holes up to 2mm with Roof Seal Sealant.
  3. Apply one coat of Roof Seal Liquid Membrane to a minimum of 1mm and a maximum of 2mm.
  4. Enjoy your Roof!

Check out our step-by-step video tutorial on how to install Roof Seal Liquid Roofing Membrane.

Technical data sheets and brochures for the Roof Seal product range can be found on the Laydex website.

To find out more about the advantages of the Roof Seal Products, check out our recent blog on Pros & Cons: One Coat Roof Seal Compared to Other Roof Sealing Materials or contact our expert team at Laydex today.

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