Teranna Ever-Deck Composite Decking

What is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is a decking made from a combination of high-density polyethylene and recycled wood fibre. The raw material composition of recycled wood and plastics make composite decking extremely environmentally friendly. Composite decking contains a UV stabiliser that ensures the decking boards are fade free and prevents them from sustaining mould and mildew damage over time. Generally, composite decking can last over 20 years in outdoor conditions.

What are the Advantages of Composite over Timber?

Unlike timber, composite decking does not require regular staining or painting. As the decking is specifically designed to be hard-wearing, the cleaning process takes much less time and effort than it would to clean timber decking.

Composite decking is slip and rot resistant, making it more suited to damp climates than timber. It’s safer due to this slip resistance, meaning that small children, animals or anyone who may be frail or unsteady are much safer. Composite decking is much better value for money than timber, as although the initial cost can be higher, the maintenance costs are significantly less and as such they will pay for themselves in under 10 years!


Teranna Ever-Deck Reversible Composite Decking Boards


Teranna Ever-Deck reversible composite decking boards are available in four colours, giving you choice of a range of aesthetic finishes to suit your home and style. These colours include Chestnut, Dark Brown, Graphite and Slate Grey. These stunning finishes create an attractive external living space in your home and boast excellent safety characteristics such as excellent anti-slip ratings.

The Teranna Ever-Deck range of boards are reversible, giving you 2 finish options and a wide range of applications – from small balconies to the decks of family homes, or large commercial properties such as swimming pools or other recreational areas. The Teranna Ever-Deck boards won’t lose their properties over time and require almost zero maintenance.

The advantages of the Teranna Ever-Deck boards include:

    • Non-slip surface BS Standard 7976 part II
    • Resistant to UV rays
    • Made from recycled materials
    • Easy to install
    • Resistant to low and high temperatures
    • Resistant to fungi, lichens and insects
    • No need for maintenance and painting
    • Non-inflammatory fire reaction

What the Experts say

“The surface of the composite boards is grooved on both sides. With grooves running lengthwise along the boards, draining water from the surface of a terrace is done quickly and efficiently. You can walk on Teranna composite boards without slipping even when they are wet. Due to their non-slip surface, the boards work as safe and effective finishing of terraced stairs and platforms.”

Safety Features of the Teranna Ever-Deck composite decking boards

    • Resistant to low and high temperatures and UV rays
    • Resistant to fungi, lichens, and insects
    • No need for maintenance and painting
    • Non-inflammatory fire reaction
    • The shield gives the boards superior protection

Eco Friendly Solution to Attractive Decking

Teranna Composite Decking is made entirely from recycled wood and plastics, making it the top choice for eco-friendly and low maintenance Composite Decking. It is an extremely environmentally friendly product as a result of the raw material composition created from recycled wood and plastics, that provide an attractive and durable surface for any kind of application. Teranna products contain no toxic chemicals or preservatives, making them safe for both you, and the environment.

Why Choose Teranna Composite Decking

The Teranna Ever-Deck reversible composite decking boards are a perfect alternative to timber decking, as it can withstand all weather conditions and creates a comfortable and attractive outdoor living space. When you invest in your home it is important to consider the time and cost you will spend maintaining it over time, which is why the Teranna decking boards are the perfect low maintenance solution.

There is no need to paint, stain or seal the boards once fitted, meaning you can spend your time enjoying them, rather than maintaining them. The environmentally friendly product strikes the perfect balance of quality and sustainability, as well as being completely splinter free!

The Teranna Ever-Deck Reversible Composite Decking Boards boast a natural feel and wood touch, while being low flame spread, high slip resistant, quick and easy to install, and can last over 20 years.

For more information on the Teranna Ever-Deck range or for help choosing the right decking solution for your home, contact our expert team at Laydex today.



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