ROOF SEAL: A Solution to Common Problems in Flat Roofs

ROOF SEAL: A Solution to Common Problems in Flat Roofs

fix a leaking roof - Roof Seal Liquid Membrane

Leaking Flat Roof? It sounds like it needs waterproofing! Roof Seal is the ideal solution for everyday problems on a flat roof after stormy weather.

Roofs are arguably the most essential part of a building when it comes to offering shelter. Their main function is to keep whatever is underneath it dry when it rains. That said, it is incredibly important that it is 100% waterproof and sealed tight. If your roof is leaking, you are better off addressing the issue immediately and fixing the leak in question before the problem escalates.

If you need some flat roofing help, this blog is for you. We have a range of ‘Roof Seal’ products available which can help you fix a leaking roof quickly and easily. The added benefit of using ‘Roof Seal’ products means that roof waterproofing materials in the ‘Roof Seal’ range come in a grey finish, compared to traditional black materials used for roof torching and patching up roof leaks with roof felt.


Tears, Rips, and Cracks in Roof Substrates

When wind penetrates the roofing material and pulls it up or erodes the surface by blowing debris across, it causes wind uplift or scouring. This explains why a flat roof frequently has creases or bubbles. Due to this, the material is no longer as firmly connected as it once was.

fix a leaking roof - Roof Seal Reinforcing Mat

If your roof is leaking and you have identified the source, you may only need to do a quick repair job.  Once you have identified the offending tear or rip that is causing the leak, Roof Seal Reinforcing Mat is perfect for rapid repairs on roof substrates such as blisters, splits and tears. Simply cut the Reinforcing Mat to size and lay it over the identified rip or tear before applying a layer of the Roof Seal Liquid Membrane on top.

Ensure the area where you apply the sealant is dry, clean and free of debris. Then, apply one to two layers and wait for them to cure. If you have found a leak in your roof, then worry not, as there are a range of superior Roof Seal products available to repair the roof leak quickly and easily.


Ponding Water

Flat roofs are known for not draining well, which can commonly develop into ponding water and may be a problem you encounter. If the excess water accumulating on your roof doesn’t dissipate, this can lead to leaks and property damage. When the water remains there for a prolonged time, it can create stress on the membrane, wear it down, and allow moisture into the roof structure, ultimately resulting in a leak. If your roof is sagging, has an insufficient slope or has drainage issues, the water will eventually degrade roofing materials and add extra stress and damage to the load-bearing structure of your flat roof.

Roof Seal Liquid Membrane - easy application - DIY product

Choosing a waterproofing membrane such as Roof Seal can help to provide long-term protection due to its non-shrinking and non-cracking qualities.


Leaking Roof Surface

A leaking roof needs to be fixed as quickly as possible to prevent further damage to your home interior. Roof Seal is the perfect solution as it is quick and easy to install.

Roof Seal can be applied quickly and does not require specialist training, perfect for a DIY project. The liquid membrane can be applied in almost any weather condition and is rain-safe within 15 minutes, so you do not need to wait for perfect weather conditions to fix the roof leak. This reduces the risk of causing additional damage if you delay action or wait for a tradesperson.

Roof Seal - DIY roofing

Technical data sheets and brochures for the Roof Seal product range can be found on the Laydex website.

To find out more about the advantages of the Roof Seal Products, check out our recent blog on Pros & Cons: One Coat Roof Seal Compared to Other Roof Sealing Materials or contact our expert team at Laydex today.

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