Co. Monaghan, 2016

Project Facts

Client: Karl Kildea

Sector: Residential

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Unipur PB

Project Overview

Laydex were charged with providing a high end roofing SIP panel to meet the requirements of the client to the required U Valu. It was a tricky design and was professionally created by the Unilin design team in Belgium. What resulted was a satisfied customer with a great roof.

Unipur Roof Panels comprise three or four solid timber rafters attached to and stabilised by a variety of interior soffit board finishes and with a polyurethane foam (PUR) insulation core to BS EN 13165 : 2008. The interior boards may be either chipboard, white-painted chipboard, plywood plate, gypsum fibre or drywall, an OSB or calcium silicate board.

The insulation core used in the panel is of polyisocyanurate foam with nominal density 30 kg·m–3 to BS EN 13165 : 2008.

The rafters (wooden ribs) are made from pine or spruce with strength class C24 to BS 338 : 2009, and come in thicknesses of 24 mm and 30 mm and heights of between 45 mm and 215 mm. Planed side tolerances are ±2 mm on width and ±3 mm on height. The ribs are glued to the soffit board with Adhesive Type 1 to BS EN 15425 : 2008. Ribs are joined end-to-end using scarf joins glued with MUF Adhesive Type 1 to BS EN 301 : 2006. The outer sides may be post-treated to resist mould and insect infestation (for further information and guidance, the Certificate holder should be consulted).

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