St Francis Credit Union, Ennis

Ennis, Co Clare, 2019

Project Facts

Project: St Francis Credit Union, Ennis Co Clare

Architect: Hassett Leyden Architects, Ennis

Roofing Contractor: Curry Asphalt Roofing, Shanballymore

Main Contractor: James Malone Construction Limited, Ballybeg, Ennis

Featured Products

RENOLIT Alkorplan 35176 1.5mm reinforced Metallic Copper Membrane, with Alkordesign “L” standing seam profile and Alkormetal metallic copper capping

Project Overview

RENOLIT Alkorplan 35176:

  • The Only Single Ply Waterproofing Membrane with Certified Life of 40 Years
  • Installation requires no naked flame
  • Fire retardant membrane
  • Maintenance is generally limited to visual inspection only
  • A broad colour range

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