Tralee, Co Kerry 2006

Project Facts

Client: Lee Strand Developments

Sector: Residential/commercial

Main Contractor: Lee Strand

Roofing Contractor: Wave Roofing Cork

Architect: Paul Horgan Design

Featured Products

Alkorplan 35176 1.5mm reinforced single ply membrane mechanically fixed over 300 grm polyester fleece separation layer on exterior quality plywood deck. Alkorprofile “XL” 3m length (50mm high), to create a standing seam effect. Colour charcoal to RAL 7022. All perimeter upstands and valleys created with Alkormetal.

Project Overview

Laydex were briefed to assist in creating a high end roof design using a single Ply membrane that had an IAB certificate and the relevant fire test accreditations (BRE). The Client brief was a roof finish that simulated the appearance of standing seam as of the complexity of the Butterfly formation of the different roofs. This was achieved using the Renolit Alkorplan Design profile system. The effect was a standing seam roof.

The Alkordesign system guarantees fast installation, greater flexibility for slopes, valleys, and contours. It also allows for limited maintenance. The high water vapour transmission rate of the Renolit Alkorplan allows the roof to breathe, reducing the risk of condensation, and avoiding ventilation problems.

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