Green Roof on Apartment Block, Stillorgan

Stillorgan, Co Dublin, 2018

Project Facts

Roofing Contractor: O’Rourke Roofing

Featured Products

RESITRIX SKW full bond – a heat weldable and glass-reinforced, composite rubber membrane with an EPDM core.

Project Overview

Laydex were asked to put forward a green roof solution for Omega Surveying Services on an existing Apartment block in Stillorgan Co. Dublin. After some discussions the RESITRIX full warm roof build up was chosen. RESITRIX SKW full bond is fully FLL root resistant with a life expectancy in excess of 50 years making this an ideal product from Green roofing.

Our approved installer O’Rourke roofing stripped the existing PVC Roof and laid Alutrix 600 vapour control layer onto the existing concrete deck. At this point the roof was water tight. 120mm FR-MG tissue faced insulation was then adhered to the Alutrix and RESITRIX SKW Full bond adhered to the insulation. Once the roof was completed O’Rourke roofing installed the protection layer/drainage layer, 50mm growing medium and the sedum blanket. The roof was installed to a very high standard and a 20 year warranty was issued.

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