Commercial Building – Liquiflex-Pro Roofing Refurb

Co. Limerick, 2020

Project Facts

Sector: Commercial

Roofing Contractor: BrianIvor Roofing

Featured Products

LIQUIFLEX-PRO – a high performance, wet-on-wet, cold applied liquid waterproofing system that is fully reinforced with a polyester fabric.

Liquiflex Pro 15
Liquiflex top coat to specific colour goosewing grey

Project Overview

This sturdy Roofing Refurbishment was completed using our Liquiflex Pro 15 System

This building, formerly a Smyths Toy Store on Childer’s Road, Co. Limerick endured intense levels of corrosion over the time of its lifespan. To combat this roof corrosion & resolve the persisting roofing issues, Laydex along with our distribution partner Rubberseal were approached to decide on one product that would revitalise this roof both aesthetically & with waterproofing characteristics.

For this build, the Liquiflex Pro 15 System was the perfect solution with its excellent adhesion, waterproofing & elastic characteristics. Topped with a goosewing grey Liquiflex Top Coat, this roofing project has resulted in a durable and aesthetically stunning roofing refurbishment.

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