Clayton Hotel, Dublin

Dublin, 2018

Project Facts

Client: Dalata Hotel Group; Clayton Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin

Sector: Hospitality

Architect: Douglas Wallace

Main Contractor: Monami

Roofing Contractor: Titan Roofing LTD

Project Overview

RESITRIX Hybrid waterproofing membrane was installed on the Penthouse Terrace and all parapet walls and cappings. Expertly installed by approved contractor, Titan Roofing. It was seen as the ideal waterproofing solution to waterproof the complete envelope. It is an ideal product for Terrace areas as it can withstand traffic, and has an inbuilt root inhibitor.

RESITRIX was chosen as it requires no naked flame for installation. A life expectancy of RESITRIX is in excess of 50 years, this is independently tested by SKZ. The cross linked molecular structure makes membrane extremely flexible, and retains a tear elongation factor of 500% and still returns to its original dimensions.


TATA STEEL Colorcoat Urban System was specified by Douglas Wallace as the ideal product to meet the design team’s needs. And transforming this new extension with such a product was challenge welcomed. While creating a roof that all could feel excited by. Attention to detail is always a key aspect in such a design, and in this regard, it was a huge success.
One of the reasons that the TATA STEEL Colorcoat Urban System was chosen was because of its Durability. It is derived from its Metallic coated substrate and the high performance three coat paint system, bringing together a quality high perfor­mance system.

The panel is resistant to all normal atmospheric corrosive agents (including those found in coastal and industrial locations) and will withstand considerable distortion without loss of adhesion between the Colorcoat Urban coating,  the primer and the steel substrate. The surface treatment on Colorcoat Urban Roof Panels will protect the steel substrate against corrosion for a period in excess of 40 years in normal industrial, urban, suburban and rural environments.

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