Atypical Roof Construction – Roundwood Straw Bale House

Co. Offaly, 2020

Project Facts

Location: Carton East, Co. Offaly

Type: Residential House

Roofing Contractor: Ed Sullivan Roofing Ferns, Co. Wexford

Roof Area: Approx. 200m2

Featured Products

Alutrix 600 – High performance self-adhesive, cold applied aluminium vapour barrier

Resitrix SK W– fully self-adhesive and root resistant waterproofing membrane for living roofs of any kind

Project Overview

Laydex were happy to be in a position to assist such an intricate and wonderful roof design which came with good few technical challenges. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity for our technical team.

First of all due to nature of the structure and the roof shape most common roofing solutions would not be able to deal with such a design. Starting from the vapour barrier Alutrix 600, this self adhesive membrane is easily applied and works as a vapour and airtightness membrane. As the schedule had to be pushed back Alutrix is designed to be left exposed up to 6 weeks or longer with additional cover.

That’s why Resitrix SK was specified being a hybrid epdm membrane, cold bonded and having permanent elasticity and ultimate elongation of more than 500%, followed by other features.

A worthwhile mention should go to Roofing contractor and his team and off course the owners that pours hours of their labour into this.

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