Apartment Block Roof Recovery, Galway

Kirwans Lane, Galway

Project Facts

Sector: Housing

Roofing contractor: Liosdearg Carpentry, Bellmont, Co. Offaly

Featured Products

Renolit Alkorplan 35276 reinforced 1.5 mm charcoal single ply PVC membrane
TV2 PVC roof vents with cowls
PVC vertical rain water outlets

Project Overview

The project consisted of a roof recovery onto existing weathered and bituminous felt roof that has failed in multiple locations allowing for water ingress into the roof construction and apartments underneath. The old system relied on solar paint for UV protection, which has degraded over time given the coastal location and the overall roof being one of the highest points within surrounding area getting exposed to the natures elements and constantly battered by Atlantic winds.
Considering the height of the building and the dimensions of the flat roof sections it was a difficult and dangerous project, during the installation all team members used safety harnesses and the project was completed in sections.

The waterproofing was remediated using Renolit alkorplan 35276 1.5mm single ply PVC membrane, mechanically fastened to the existing waterproofing on previously laid 300g/sm separation geotextile. Alkorplan single ply PVC membrane is watertight but air permeable meaning any moisture trapped underneath will naturally evaporate through time.
Using Alkorplan PVC meant no open flame installation was present, giving piece of mind for building owners and residents regarding fire safety concerns.

The successfully completed project will receive a 20 years guarantee and the happy owners and residents will benefit from the only Single ply in the market with proven service life of over 40 years.

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