DAMTEC® Estra 3D

DAMTEC® Estra 3D


Dimple textured rubber underlay

DAMTEC® estra 3D is the ideal rubber underlay under floating screed /concrete slab or underneath rigid floor elements on wooden subfloors, providing outstanding elasticity and extremely high resistance to compressive loads. It is equally well suited for applications in residential, office and commercial buildings. DAMTEC® estra 3D is particularly quick and easy to install. It provides a wide range of benefits under screed or rigid floor elements including long service life and superb strength.

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    • European Technical Approval (CE label)

    • Brilliant noise insulation with a low panel Thickness

    • Waterproofed and rot-proofed

    • Very low emission

    • Fast and easy installation

    • Outstanding compressive strength and load-bearing performance

    • Very environment-friendly, recycled rubber can be recycled again

    • Permanently elastic

    • Highest resiliency even after years of use (does not compress and reduce sound absorption)

    Granular texture
    Wave cut
    Approx. 680 - 750 kg/m³
    Length and width ± 1,5%, Thickness ± 1,0 mm
    Tensile strength:
    Approx. 0,4 N/mm²
    Elongation at break:
    Ca. 50%
    Dynamic stiffness:
    8/4 mm < 40 MN/m³
    Impact sound improvement:
    ΔLw = 22 dB at 8/4 mm (under 50mm screed)
    Roll width:
    1.250 mm
    8/4 mm
    Roll length:
    On request
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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