Stegu Mexicana Graphite

Stegu Mexicana Graphite


Decorative stone adds individual character to any interior. When applied to a single wall or some interior areas, it enriches them with a natural atmosphere. The tiles are made with great care to the smallest details. Wide range of products offering various colours, shapes and textures will enable you to create an unprecedented play of light and shadow in any room and will complement the style of the interior, as well as the space around your house. Mexicana decorative tiles have great insulation and protection from dirt and physical damage. In addition, they are fire and frost proof.

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    Interior and Exterior
    Mexicana is a frost- proof, brick slip which is a perfect imitation of old Belgian brick. Hand-cast, from natural components only, on the base of pressed cement. They perfectly serve us a finishing material to every type of a building.

    0.50 m2

    7 pcs


    1 lm

    7 pcs

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    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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