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Inspired by the natural beauty of mountain ranges, coastlines and rocky fjords


Decorative stone and facade tiles by Stegu offer plethora of colours, shapes and textures. Stegu tiles are made according to the principle that the nature is the best artist.

The multi-stage production process which requires manual processing and uses natural aggregates and dyes, is preceded by laboratory tests that ensure every detail is perfectly made and the final product meets all the requirements and specifications.


STEGU adds natural beauty to every architectural sphere: interiors, facades, fences, decorations and garden features. Manufacture of gypsum and concrete tiles is inspired by natural stone, wood and brick.

Stegu brick tiles reflect the nature of old town houses, industrial buildings and Mediterranean architecture. Colour palette harks back to natural brick, reflecting their structural variety. They perfectly fit Scandinavian interiors, as well as minimalistic and rustic ones. Rustik, Country and Boston tiles work well when applied to a facade or a fence.



kvacica Due to the exceptional quality of raw materials used in production process, STEGU concrete tiles offer very high durability

kvacica Gypsum tiles showcase artisanal precision, offering outstanding quality of details.

kvacica Variety of colours, textures and forms guarantees wide selection of tiles.

kvacica Perfectly selected tiles will enrich every surrounding space with individual character.




stegu vintage beige-602x227
Stegu Vintage Beige Interior Brick Tiles


STEGU design


All STEGU tiles are designed for interior decorative applications. Decorative stone adds individual character to any interior.

When applied to a single wall or some interior areas, it enriches them with a natural atmosphere.

The tiles are made with great care to the smallest details. Wide range of products offering various colours, shapes and textures will enable you

to create an unprecedented play of light and shadow in any room and will complement the style of the interior.







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