Bond It Integral Water Resistant Plasticiser

Bond It Integral Water Resistant Plasticiser


3 in 1 formulation: waterproofs, plasticises and retards. A high strength cement water-proofer for internal and external rendering, roof screeds, swimming pools, tanks, retaining walls, basement walls and reservoirs. Improves workability and plasticity of concrete and mortar in the wet state and resists water penetration even when under pressure.

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    • Reacts with free lime in the mortar to form hydrophobic crystals which block the pores, thereby improving the water resistance of the mix

    • Conforms to EN934-3

    • Retards suction in multi-layer renders

    • Improves the plasticity of the mix making it easier to use

    Pale red or green liquid
    Non flammable
    Solubility in water:
    Container Sizes:

    5 L

    25 L


    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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