Bond It Cyanoacrylate Accelerator

Bond It Cyanoacrylate Accelerator


An accelerator to improve the rate of cure of viscous, gap filling cyanoacrylate adhesives (superglues). Cyanoacrylate Accelerator improves bonding to difficult surfaces such as slightly acidic materials, prevents penetration of adhesive into porous materials. Improves the cure of adhesive fillets.

For difficult surfaces apply the CYANOACRYLATE ACCELERATOR first. For fillets apply the superglue first. Ultimate speed depends on adhesive type and viscosity. IMPORTANT: Over application of the accelerator can result in staining on some materials. This stain may not become visible for several hours after application. Apply to a test sample to check application level to avoid any staining on final job.

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    Mobile Liquid
    Flash Point:
    Solubility in Water:
    Partially soluble, partially miscible
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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