Choosing the Right Drywall for Exterior Wall Cladding

Exterior wall cladding can transform the look of the exterior of a property. We are fortunate that there are a range of cladding options available that can transform the aesthetic of a building with minimal construction required, but preparation is key! In order to prepare for the installation of exterior wall cladding, drywall is required.


In this blog, we will explain important factors that are worth considering when choosing the right drywall before installing exterior wall cladding on your property.


Weather Resistance is Crucial


As the drywall will be located outdoors, it is important that it can endure harsh weather conditions all year round and will not become water damaged. PermaBase cement board is carefully designed to be a weather resistant cement board and withstand prolonged exposure to moisture. This makes it ideal for exterior wall cladding preparation and as it has a low water absorption rate it also makes it mould resistant, which is exactly what you’re after when you’re looking for drywall that is suitable for outdoor use. As PermaBase cement board is made of a strong cement, aggregate and glassfibre mesh mixture, it is therefore an exceptionally hard, durable surface that again makes it perfect for enduring all weather conditions.

Permabase Cement Board - Great Drywall for Exterior Applications

Environmentally Friendly Choice


It is important to consider the environmental impact of building materials when you are starting a building project. As we become a more environmentally conscious society, you may want to consider how eco-friendly the drywall is that you are considering using. When it comes to the PermaBase cement board, the mixture of strong cement, aggregate and glassfibre mesh which makes up the drywall board makes it both durable and long lasting, alongside it being considered to be eco-friendly. Along with this, fiber cement is considered to be eco-friendly for a number of other various reasons including its certification for low carbon emissions. PermaBase cement board products have achieved Greenguard Gold Certification for low chemical emissions to help indoor air quality, which we at Laydex are proud of, as we are committed to supporting sustainable green building policies, standards and practice.

Fire Resistant Qualities

If you are interested in placing your drywall on buildings which will be occupied by people, it is particularly important that the cement board you are choosing is not easily combustible. You therefore want to look out for fire ratings on the drywall you are choosing, as well as the exterior wall cladding.The PermaBase cement board has a non-combustible A1 rating and 1 and 2 hour fire rating depending on wall build up, which is very important when you are required to meet building fire and safety standards. You will be able to find full details of the non-combustible fire ratings of PermaBase cement boards on the Laydex website.

PermaBase Cement Board - Choosing Drywall for Exterior Cladding - Interior & Exterior Application

Easy-to-use Drywall

It is worth thinking about how easy-to-use your choice of drywall is and also how easy it is to transport. Thankfully, the PermaBase cement board has EdgeTech® Technology in the form a reinforced, double-wrapped edge allowing for closer fastening of nails or screws without crumbling or spinout. The double-wrapped edge also makes it easier to handle and carry, making it a win-win. One other consideration that you may want to think about when choosing drywall is how easy is it to cut. When it comes to the PermaBase cement board, if you don’t have specialty tools to hand, a standard utility knife should cut it, making it even more quick and easy to work with!



We hope you found this blog helpful when choosing the right drywall for your exterior wall cladding. If you are interested in starting an exterior wall cladding project today, browse our Permabase Cement Board products now along with our range of beautiful STEGU wall cladding options, and contact Laydex for any more information!

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