High Performance Self-Adhesive, Cold Applied Aluminium Vapour Barrier

ALUTRIX® FR self-adhesive vapour barrier is used in a wide variety of applications in the building industry. It is suitable for all internal conditions, including areas with very high humidity. ALUTRIX® FR consists of a reinforced composite aluminium foil with a tenacious self-adhesive backing and removable release film. ALUTRIX® FR vapour barrier is particular advantageous for use on profiled metal decking.

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      Vapour Barrier
      The very high vapour resistance of ALUTRIX® FR is sufficient to accommodate extreme internal conditions such as buildings containing wet industrial processes, breweries, swimming pools, sports halls, kitchens and bathrooms and many more.
      • Self-adhesive

      • Very high tear resistance

      • Vapour proof

      • Reduced fire load – according to DIN 18234

      • ALUTRIX® FR complies fully with FM Approval Standard Class No.4470

      • Withstand foot trafficking on profiled metal decking, without puncturing

      • Cold applied

      • Creates an airtight seal, complying with Part L of the energy conservation regulations

      Overall thickness:
      0.4 mm
      Approx. 300 g/m2
      30 rolls
      Roll length:
      40 m
      Roll width:
      1.08 m
      Tensile strength longitudinal / transverse:
      ≥800 / 700 N/ 5 cm
      Resistance to tearing (nail shank) longitudinal / transverse:
      200 N
      Joint shear test:
      657 N/ 5 cm
      Water- vapour permeability sd-value:
      > 1,500 m
      Full Information:
      Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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