RESITRIX® SK Black Partial Bond

RESITRIX® SK Black Partial Bond


Partially self-adhesive – The 3-in-1 waterproofing membrane

RESITRIX® SK Partial Bond is a partially self-adhesive, heat-weldable EPDM waterproofing membrane that allows permanent dissipation and equalisation of pressure. It is therefore particularly advantageous for substrates that are prone to movement or which contain residual moisture. Consequently, this product is particularly suitable for installations in the refurbishments area.

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    What the experts have to say

    Lifetime of 50 Years
    The SKZ institute Würzburg has certified a lifetime of more than 50 years for RESITRIX®. This is more than double the lifetime of a standard roof. Furthermore, RESITRIX® is the only product for which the heat-welded seams have also been certified.
    • Single layer application

    • Resistant to the effects of ozone, UV and infrared radiation without additional surface protection

    • Recyclable

    • Compatible with bitumen

    • Fully elastic and highly flexible down to -30°C

    • No shrinkage throughout the entire service life

    • No Shattering Effect

    • Resistant to a wide range of environmental chemicals and atmospheric emissions

    • Contains no chlorine or plasticisers

    • Highly slip resistant even when wet

    • CE certification according to ETA-06/0174 and DIN EN 13967

    • BBA certificate No 06/4329

    2,5 mm ± 10%
    Weight per unit area:
    approx. 2,75 kg/m²
    10 m
    1000 mm
    Tensile strength:
    361 N/50 mm
    Elongation at break:
    Dimensional stability after 6 hours at 80°C:
    + 0,1 %
    Peel strength:
    140 N/50 mm
    Shear strength:
    570 N/50 mm
    Water vapour diffusion resistance index (μ):
    approx. 58.000
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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