Breeze Artificial Landscape Grass 30 mm

Breeze Artificial Landscape Grass 30 mm


So you’ve been thinking about artificial grass, but want to feel confident that it’s going to look and feel as realistic as possible? Then we’d like to introduce you to Laydex Breeze Grass. The two tone straight green yarn is combined with a texturised beige yarn which is designed to mimic the colours, shape, structure and behaviour of natural grass, then produced with care to result in a lawn that even nature would be jealous of.

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    What the experts have to say

    It is important to regularly remove leaves, twigs and other organic material, either with a leaf blower / vacuum cleaner, a stiff brush or a rake. Larger objects such as branches must be removed manually. If moss appears in areas where there is not enough sunlight, an anti-moss treatment could be necessary, preferably applied during the spring and autumn. Use a bio-degradable product for this; never use acidic liquids or bleach as these chemicals could damage the fibres if applied in too high a concentration.
    • Quick and easy installation

    • Natural appearance

    • UV-resistant

    • Extremely durable

    • A lush green garden all year round

    • Feels like natural grass

    • Minimal maintenance

    • Withstands all weather conditions

    • Mowing unnecessary

    • Environmentally-friendly

    Tufted non-filled synthetic grass carpet
    Pile Specification:
    100% polyethylene, two coloured, UV resistant Monofilament yarn
    Backing Characteristics:
    Woven polypropylene backing with fibre locked fleece Latex compound - Total weight ca. 2045 g/m2
    Machine Gauge:
    Pile Height:
    ca. 30 mm
    Total Height:
    ca. 32 mm
    Stitch Rate:
    ca. 15/10 cm
    Number of Tufts:
    ca. 18900/m2
    Pile Weight:
    ca. 1160 g/m2
    Roll Width:
    400 cm ± 2 cm
    Roll Length:
    Available ex-stock in rolls of 4 m wide x ± 25 linear metre
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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