Laribit Shed Felt Mineral

Laribit Shed Felt Mineral


The Mineral Shed Felt – 10m is a pre-fabricated waterproofing membrane. It is made of distilled bitumen and elasto-plastic polyolefin polymers (APP), and non-woven single strand composite polyester reinforcement, which provides the membrane with very high mechanical characteristics and dimensional stability. This waterproofing membrane can be used on sheds, garages and portable buildings.

It is easily fixed with cold adhesive or hot bitumen and only requires a single layer application when used on a shed, kennel or portable building.

Covered in coarse mineral, it gives good protection against UV rays. This is a cost effective alternative when used in a built-up roofing system.

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    • Increased surface walkability

    • Mineral finish for UV protection

    • 10 cm selvedge layer

    • Improved adhesion

    Adhesive Application:
    Felt nails & felt adhesive
    Weather Resistant:
    Roof Waterproofing EN13707 Cert. 0958-CPD-DK029
    Under Tiles:
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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