Minka Polar Extreme Airtight Loft Ladder

Minka Polar Extreme Airtight Loft Ladder


Wooden Airtight Loft Ladder with an Extreme Insulation

Minka is again trendsetter and developed a wide range of highly insulated loft ladders. Insulation thicknesses up to 247 mm and U-values up tu 0.14 W/m²K are a contribution to low energy consumption in your home. Thus, Minka makes a significant contribution to protect the environment, conserve resources and also “protect your wallet”. Read our Loft Ladder Buying Guide to know what loft ladder is the best for your home.

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    What the experts have to say

    in insulation
    Cold and heat have no chance to reach the lower floor. The proof for this are the ongoing developments from MINKA. An optimal, seamless gasket ensures that you can enjoy a pleasant room climate even on very icy days and save heating costs at the same time.
    • Checked DIN EN 14975 (2007)

    • Airtight class 4 (DIN EN 1026)

    • 2-point turning lock

    • Insulated hatch with the thickness of 87 mm

    • No joints on all around seal

    • Equipped with steel safety hand rail and stair shoes

    • Strong massif-wooden frame with the thickness of 27 mm

    • Holds weight 150 kg

    • Dove tail joint treads 27 mm thick

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