RADEX Radon Tape

RADEX Radon Tape


Sealing joints in the radon membrane

How important is Radon Protection System? Radon, a radioactive gas, occurs naturally in Ireland and the country contains some of the highest radon levels in the world.

Laydex provides the complete radon protection system: Radon Tape, Top Hat, Laydex Sump, Gas Resistant Self-adhesive Membrane, Gas Resistant DPC, Gas Primer and  Quick Drying Liquid Radon Barrier.

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    • Good adhesion to a wide range of substrates

    • Good UV resistance

    • High tack

    • The softer composition makes this product highly conformable

    • Remains flexible throughout its service life

    • Easy and accurate to use with little waste and no mess

    Roll Size:
    30mm x 30m
    Dynamic Tensile Adhesion:
    32 N/cm2 (Test Method: H5)
    Dynamic Shear Adhesion:
    12 N/cm2 (Test Method: H15)
    Specific Gravity:
    1.6 g/cm3 (Test Method: H6)
    Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate:
    0.14 g/m2/24hr/mm (ISO9932 / BS ISO 15106)
    Radon Resistance:
    5 x 10*7 Z, s/m (SP 3873)
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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