Hertalan FS14 Adhesive Paste

Hertalan FS14 Adhesive Paste


Hertalan FS14 is a high-quality adhesive glue for façade application. This sealant can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Coverage approx. 7 linear metres for a cartridge (pea sized bead).

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    Directions For Use
    FS14 Adhesive Paste
    Hertalan fs14 is ready-to-use and must not be diluted or mixed with other products. The glue may be used exclusively in dry weather at ambient temperatures of at least 5 °C. The base to which hertalan fs14 is applied must be even, clean, undamaged, dry and free of oil or grease.
    Product type:
    Adhesive glue based on synthetic rubber and solvents.
    Solvent-specific odour (free of aromatic compounds).
    Viscosity (20 °C):
    4,500 ± 2,000 Pa.s.
    Density (20 °C):
    1,150 kg/m³.
    Dry matter:
    76 ± 2%.
    Flash point (closed cup):
    < 0 °C.
    Shelf life:
    9 months if kept in a cool place in properly sealed packaging.
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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