Hertalan KS137 Contact Adhesive

Hertalan KS137 Contact Adhesive


A ready-for-use contact adhesive which has been developed especially for adhering EPDM membranes both vertically and horizontally onto surfaces such as wood, bitumen, masonry material, lead and suitable faced rigid thermal insulation boards, etc.

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    Directions for use
    KS137 Contact Adhesive
    HERTALAN® KS137 must not be thinned or mixed with other products. The adhesive must only be processed in dry weather conditions at temperatures of at least 5 °C. The material and the base to be glued must also be dry and clean. HERTALAN® KS137 should be applied with a stiff brush or fleece roller.
    Viscosity (20 °C):
    3,500 ± 500 mPas
    < 0 °C (closed cup)
    Density (20 °C):
    860 ± 10 kg/m³
    Dry solids:
    45 ± 2%
    Dry film:
    Highly elastic
    Shelf life:
    12 months, provided that the adhesive is kept in the original unopened can.
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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