A Perfect Flooring Solution for Student Accommodation

Top-Choice Acoustic Flooring that Offers Residential Looks

With a range of acoustic flooring that offers residential looks combined with commercial performance, vinyl flooring from Itec Contract Floors could be the only flooring solution needed in student accommodation.

itec vinyl contract floor installe in the student accommodation

With student accommodation complexes providing high-standards of living and companies promoting comfortable, stylish and affordable living options, the role of flooring has become increasingly important. As landlords begin to look towards refurbishment, now is the time to start thinking about just what options there are for flooring in student accommodation.

The Importance of Acoustics in Student Accommodation

Itec Contract Floors provides a range of decorative floor finishes that deliver impressive sound reducing performance straight off the roll, allowing education spaces to create an improved learning environment thanks to a minimum 18dB of impact noise reduction.

The Itec Acoustic Collection relies on a proprietary cellular foam backing developed to reduce impact noise. Developed by the technicians at Itec Contract Floors, this unique backing can be found on the Silento Design and Silento Timber collections.


Tailored Solutions for Education

With a range of acoustic, decorative and safety flooring, Itec Contract Floors can provide education establishments with floors that not only perform, but look great too.


three samples of itec vinyl contract floors for student accommodation that look like natural wood

Flooring Diversity

Perfect for student accommodation, our acoustic floors come in a huge range of styles. Here are a few highlights:



itec Concept Woods Toronto 603 Case Study

Chapter House, Dublin

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