5 Key Advantages of Using Rubber Flooring in Commercial Interiors

Rubber flooring is quickly gaining popularity in a wide range of settings as more and more people are discovering the unique benefits that it offers.

Rubber floors are often overlooked because of the misconception that they are pricey. But, while it may cost more than some flooring options, its durability, natural resilience and its low maintenance make it a great long-term investment and an ideal choice for a great many surfaces. Check out a recent post on 6 reasons to consider rubber flooring for your next project.


As mentioned, rubber flooring is extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of commercial settings. From gyms and commercial kitchens, schools and hospitals, rubber flooring provides a modern and versatile approach to commercial flooring. Here’s a variety of rubber flooring we have available.



Still unsure? We have detailed the pros and the main advantages of installing rubber flooring in your commercial interiors:


1. Durable

The most obvious advantage of rubber floor coverings is its durability. It is a type of resilient flooring that provides a durable, easy-to-clean surface that is strong, tough, and resilient under a variety of conditions. Depending on the type of tile used and the environment it is installed in, a properly cared for rubber floor may last 20 years or more.


2. Easy maintenance 

Rubber flooring can be very easy to maintain despite what many people believe. All you need to do is vacuum the floor regularly because rubber floors can accumulate dirt and mop the floor at least once per week using a mixture of water and a mild detergent.  Don’t use harsh chemicals for rubber floor cleaning because they will damage the rubber.


3. Reduces noise 

The elasticity of rubber flooring makes it very quiet to walk on. In fact, the rubber’s natural elasticity reduces noise up to 20db. Rubber flooring despite its durability, is soft underfoot which means that it is great for absorbing impacts and is water resistant. Rubber is a great surface for areas where people need to stand for long periods of time. These floors provide more cushion than other flooring types which improves comfort and reduces injuries and fatigue. Rubber flooring provides cushioning which ultimately reduces fatigue and foot injury. Additionally, it does not produce static buildup.


4. Non-slip floor surface

Rubber flooring has excellent slip resistance and typically guarantees a higher level of slip resistance than required by international standards. This high slip resistance also makes rubber floors an attractive and popular flooring option for many commercial, high-traffic environments.


5. Can be recycled

Rubber is a natural raw material that is eco-friendly and recyclable, often being reused in a variety of applications (recycled rubber flooring, which is cut up into small pieces,  can be used for mulch and playground surfaces, as well as to create entirely new products). Moreover, the absence of PVCs in rubber-flooring products ensures that no harmful additives, halogens, or dioxins will seep into the groundwater. The absence of PVCs also guarantees that no hydrochloric gas is produced in the event of fire and no corrosive hydrochloric acid results from contact with the water used to extinguish the fire.



Considering the environmental benefits, along with rubber flooring’s durability, and other advantages, rubber becomes an attractive floor covering solution. We at Laydex continue to provide environmentally sustainable building supplies. We are committed to the development and distribution of premium quality products. Contact us today to discuss the unique benefits that rubber flooring offers and avail of our premium service.



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