5 Advantages of Using a Ready Mixed Joint Compound

If you aren’t a plasterer by trade but have built or renovated a house then the chances are you’ll have come across ‘joint compound’, otherwise known as mud or drywall taping mud.

Basically, it is a material that can be used for many jobs that traditionally required plastering for finish joints, corner bead, trim and fasteners, as well as for skim coating whole walls and ceilings. It’s handy for repairing cracks and holes in existing drywall and plaster surfaces.

With a little time and effort the average homeowner – who is handy around the house – can easily tape joints and apply joint compound to drywall prior to painting.



Laydex provide 5 advantages of using a ready mixed joint compound
Laydex provide 5 advantages of using a ready mixed joint compound
proform quick set lite joint compound Laydex provide 5 advantages of using a ready mixed joint compound



There are many advantages to choosing a ready mixed joint compound but here are our top five.


1. Save Time

One of the biggest advantages of using a ready mixed joint compound is the time it will save you. You won’t need to spend hours prepping or mixing nor will you have much cleaning up to do afterwards. It is ready to use straight from the container. It hardens quickly, is easy to sand and gives a super smooth excellent finish. You will be able to get the job finished quicker saving you precious time.

ProForm BRAND Quick Set Lite Setting Compound is one of our ready-mix faves. It is a lightweight pre-made form of joint compound designed for quick application, easy maintenance and is easy to use.  It has extra benefits to other compounds – it is a quick setting/hardening type joint compound that is 30% lighter than conventional setting compound, can be easily sanded and requires less time and effort to work. It is available in 5, 20, 45, 90, and 210 minute set times so you can choose how quickly you want the job completed! It is also specially formulated to provide excellent joint strength, even in poor drying conditions and faster joint finishing.


2. No Need For Water

The premixed jointing compound comes straight from the container and thus requires no water. The fact that ready mixed joint compound requires no water is hugely beneficial to professionals as often in new builds the water supply isn’t switched on.


3. High Quality Finish

Ready mixed joint compound provides excellent coverage in an easy-to-apply formula. The smooth texture is ready the minute you open the container. It is specially formulated to provide a smooth, lightweight, easy to sand finish that is virtually pock free.


4. Reduce Dust And Mess

Dust is difficult to contain and often with traditional plastering it travels to the farthest regions of your home and is then often difficult to remove. We’ve all been there! By using ready mixed joint compound you reduce your dust output to almost zero. Not only that but because there is no mixing, the mess is significantly reduced too.


5. Easy To Apply

Plasterers are skilled tradesmen who mix and apply plaster or cement to surfaces to give them a smooth finish. It is a skilled job – you can’t just pick up a trowel and start throwing plaster on the walls. Luckily, unlike plastering, ready mixed joint compound is incredibly easy to apply, requiring only a small amount of effort when you’re using drywall tape alongside it. Application is super simple even for the amateurs among us. Ready mixed joint compound will get rid of almost all blemishes from the surface of drywall including damage, fasteners, drywall tape, holes, bumps, tears, and other minor damage. It is excellent for all phases of finishing, including taping, finishing, filling, patching, skimming, laminating and even texturing.


Have you used ready mixed joint compound before? If not, why not try out premixed joint compound on your next drylining job and we guarantee you will be won over.


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