PermaBase® a Perfect Solution with Wide Range of Applications

PermaBase with its wide range of applications is a perfect solution for both Interior and Exterior – even in the most challenging situations


What makes PermaBase® different than classic cement boards

PermaBase® Cement Board is a rigid substrate made of Portland cement, aggregate and glass mesh that provides an exceptionally hard, durable surface that is able to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture. Lightweight and easy to install, PermaBase® EdgeTech® Technology allows a closer nail or screw application.


  • Lifetime Limited Warranty on PermaBase Interior Applications
  • 15-Year Limited Warranty on PermaBase Exterior Applications
  • Reinforced edge with EdgeTech® technology
  • Moisture and impact resistant, extremely durable and dimensionally stable


PermaBase Range of Applications

PermaBase is ideally suited as an underlayment or backing surface for tub and shower surrounds, countertops, flooring and a variety of other interior and exterior applications.


Icon-bathPermaBase cement boards can help with your bathroom transformation. PermaBase provides a moisture and mold resistant backerboard designed specifically for use in wets areas like this.
Icon-CutleryWhether it’s wood-grained ceramic tiles on the floor or large thin tiles with mosaic accents on the walls, PermaBase provides the best backer board to ensure amazing results!
PermaBase products are all moisture and mold resistant and provide the peace of mind behind those astonishing finishes and help protect your investment.


Icon-FlooringYou can update your home to give it an impressive new look with any of a wide variety of materials. PermaBase cement board provides the best substrate for installing those materials. PermaBase is lightweight and easy to install, but still provides the durability you desire.
Architectural Coatings
Icon-BuildingPermaBase was developed to eliminate the potential for water to get trapped in the wall and causing damage. The PermaBase system utilizes exterior rigid insulation in a rain screen system to allow positive drainage of any incidental moisture.
Icon-RoofingRoofing systems manufacturers have found that PermaBase Dek roof board works well in all the following applications or systems: Hybrid Systems,  Modified bitumen, Metal roofing, Wood shingle, Tile and slate roofing systems.


Masonary Veneer
Icon-BricksPermaBase is moisture and freeze-thaw resistant. When used in conjunction with the Unifix system utilizing exterior rigid insulation in a rain screen system, it allows positive drainage of any incidental moisture.
Heat Shield
Icon-FireWood burning appliances must be located away from any combustible building materials. To minimize that distance, the use of an approved PermaBase cement board heat shield installation will reduce the clearance required by as much as 40%.
Exterior Foundation Walls
Icon-ExteriorAdding rigid insulation to the exterior of your foundation provides great benefits including energy savings and personal comfort. PermaBase cement board helps protect the insulation from moisture and exposure to the soil.

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