Why is Composite Decking the Best for Ireland?

Spring is the time when we are all hoping and planning for sunnier days. It’s time to assess our outdoor living space and see what we can do to make it more enjoyable. On those treasured sunny days, there is nothing nicer than sitting out on your deck. A deck is the perfect place for a quiet cuppa in the morning. In the evening, it is the ideal spot to gather with friends for a barbecue. But what about the other days when it rains?The Irish climate means that, often, your deck will be wet. That causes two major problems for wood decks. First, it can make a wooden deck surface slippery. Second, it causes the wood to rot, shortening the life of your deck’s surface. Given those drawbacks, it is reasonable to question if a deck is a good idea in Ireland. Are those days sitting in the fresh air worth the days you will spend refinishing or repairing it as the weather takes its toll?

Wooden decks have long been the norm. But there is an alternative, an option that gives you a slip-resistant surface and longer lifespan. The bonus is that it is also lower maintenance. Composite decking offers the benefits of a deck without the usual downsides of having a deck in Ireland.

What Is Composite Decking?

Composite decking blends wood and plastic to create a durable, slip-resistant surface that looks like a traditional wooden deck. Teranna makes two lines of composite decking, Ever-Deck and Ever-Shield, comprised of recycled plastic and recycled wood. It’s an environmentally friendly option that won’t need to be refinished.

Composite decking products have come a long way since they debuted in the 1990s. Teranna’s Ever-Deck products are resistant to UV rays, insects, lichen and fungi so they will not warp, fade or rot the way wooden decking does. You can also choose the perfect colour of composite decking to complement your garden.

Benefits of Composite Decking over Wooden Decking

The most obvious advantage of composite over wood decking in Ireland is that it is better suited to a damp climate. Composite is slip-resistant and rot-resistant. It’s safer, which matters if small children will be running and playing on your deck or if anyone who is frail or unsteady on their feet will be using it. But composite deck surfaces offer even more advantages.

The point of having a deck is to have a place to relax. A composite deck involves less work than a wooden deck because it will never need to be refinished. With a wooden deck, you would need to strip and refinish it every couple of years. Eventually, you would also need to replace boards, as they would rot or break over time. And of course, all of that also costs money. With a composite deck, you pay once and then you can relax and enjoy your deck.

A deck can be a fantastic addition to your home. It creates more space where you can enjoy your garden while also reducing the amount of lawn you need to mow. You can furnish it however you like to suit your desires for it – a table, chairs and barbecue, potted plants and a hammock or porch swing, whatever you like. Decks are all about relaxation, and composite decking means you can relax.


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