Best Products for Passive Fire Protection

In December, people often get so caught up in the festive season that they forget basic fire safety. It’s tempting to overload electrical sockets with tree lights and other decorations. Candles and decorations are a risky mix, particularly when you add alcohol.

While we can never safely overlook the basics of preventing a fire in homes and workplaces, it’s also essential to use the best products available to enhance a structure’s passive fire protection.

What is PASSIVE FIRE PROTECION? The term refers to the systems used to contain a fire and prevent it from spreading through a building. They are called passive systems because unlike alarms or sprinklers, they are not triggered into activity. They are a constant.

One form of passive fire protection is compartmentation. This refers to literal ‘firewalls’ – walls made of fire-proof material that prevent fire from spreading. But this approach is not adequate on its own. To be safe, a structure should also use structural passive fire protection, which involves protecting the joint systems with fire-proofing material. Fire-stopping materials are also essential at points where wires or pipes pass through walls.

Passive Fire Protection for Gaps and Joints

Fire-stopping products are import for every structure. Often, building owners neglect to update passive fire protection measures when some small electrical or plumping job is done. But if any alteration is made to a wall, the appropriate materials should be applied to ensure maximum fire safety.

    • Nullifire FJ200 Gap Seal is an ideal product to protect linear gaps up to 150 mm. This isometric foam can provide up to two hours of protection from fire and smoke while allowing up to 50% movement.
    • Nullifire FP300 Intumescent Pipe Wrap stops the spread of fire and smoke for up to two hours where plastic and composite pipes penetrate walls. It’s easy to use and certified to the latest European standards.
  • Nullifire FF197 PU Foam provides flexible protection for linear gaps. It’s easy to use in a variety of areas to enhance a building’s passive fire protection.


Finding the correct product to fit the area requiring protection is essential. Nullifire produces a wide range of sealants, curtains and boards to ensure that every space where wires or pipes penetrate a wall is securely protected to prevent the spread of fire.

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