Get Organised with an Airtight Loft Ladder

January is a time to get organised! Most of us have holiday decorations to put away and new year’s resolutions to make.

And we’re also getting fed up of clutter everywhere after weeks of our homes being in disarray to accommodate a Christmas tree, presents, guests and everything else the season brings. The key to staying organised is developing a storage system that is easy to use. Most houses have attics that could be used as storage, but they aren’t easy to use. Installing a quality airtight loft ladder is the solution to opening up a huge storage space in your home.

With the Minka Polar Extreme Airtight Loft Ladder, you have easy access to your attic as well as powerful insulation from the cold. That means you are free to make the best use of that space above  your house to store your holiday decorations, out of season clothes, camping equipment, light lawn furniture or anything else you go long periods without needing.


Turn Your Attic into Easy, Efficient Storage

Once you have installed a convenient, airtight attic ladder, you can assess the space you have. Even a small attic with a water tank offers some excellent storage space. To make it even easier to navigate, consider adding overhead lighting and a solid floor to your attic.


How you use the space depends a lot on what you want to store there. You can create custom storage spaces using a kit or working with a carpenter. But first, consider what you want to put there. For most of us, it will be an assortment of things including clothing, holiday decorations and things we use seasonally. But to make the space safe for your belongings, do build enclosed but ventilated storage units. Just piling things on the floor means you won’t be able to find things and they might become damaged. A combination of wardrobe space to hang clothes, large drawers and shelving units will suit most families’ attic storage needs.


The key to making attic storage work is to ensure it is easy to access. But often, putting in an attic ladder means you are faced with air flow between the attic and the house, which makes your house colder. The solution is a quality airtight attic ladder. We strongly recommend the Minka Polar Extreme Airtight Loft Ladder.


The Minka Airtight Loft Ladder features a hatch with 87 mm of insulation as well as sturdy wooden frame and metal hand rail for safety. This ladder can support up to 150 kg. The key its airtightness is that the seal has no joints. The all around seal gives air no way to pass through, keeping the home below warm and comfortable.

Installing the most clever and efficient storage around in your attic won’t help unless it is easy to access the space. This high spec, airtight loft ladder from Minka means you can enjoy less clutter and more space in your home without sacrificing energy efficiency or comfort.

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